MN-S COVID-19 Citizen Supports

On March 30, Métis Nation–Saskatchewan announced its first set of emergency relief measures including distributing emergency supports for childcare, personal protective equipment, and financial aid to Métis households in need. We also increased capacity to each of our 12 regions to allow them to provide tailored and specific support to citizens in a manner that was flexible and responsive to the distinct needs of communities across the province. In the past two months, over 4000 Métis families have benefited from these childcare and household supports. 

These initial emergency supports were intended to assist those most in need and bridge the gap between the outbreak of the virus and the provision of core financial support by other levels of government. Most regions of MN-S have already begun to wind down these initial support programs. MN-S emergency COVID-19 childcare, household, and financial supports ended across the province on June 30th. MN-S Ministry of Health will keep you updated on COVID-19 responses as we plan for a potential “second wave” in the fall. Our focus will be on protecting the vulnerable, our seniors and Elders and to those most in need. 

A new support program will be offered to eligible Métis Elders, seniors, and persons with disabilities to maintain health and safety throughout COVID-19 pandemic. The Eldercare and Disability Support Program will provide a consistent and ongoing effort for food security and other necessities such as prescription support or medical transportation if needed for Elders age 60 years and over or persons with enduring disabilities. This program will encourage Métis persons with disabilities and Elders to remain as physically and socially active as possible while observing safety protocols and addressing the fear of possible exposure of COVID-19. Further information on this program will be available soon. 

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