President McCallum Issues Mandate Letters to MN-S Ministers

October 20, 2020 – President McCallum has issued Mandate letters to all Métis Nation – Saskatchewan (MN–S) Ministers.  These mandate letters outline the progress made to date for each portfolio and the responsibilities and priorities assigned to each Minster moving forward. The Métis Nation – Saskatchewan is making these letters public so all citizens are informed of how their government is working for them.

During the past three years, MN–S has made significant progress in many areas. Key accomplishments include the signing of the Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government Agreement with Canada, developing and implementing new programs and supports in housing, education and economic development, the establishment of a table for meaningful negotiations on the North-West land claim and strengthening internal governance.

MN–S Ministers must continue to develop responses in increasingly complex, critical, and demanding areas such as health, housing, education and others. Ministers are responsible for acting with honesty and upholding the highest ethical standards. It is the fundamental responsibility of Ministers to work collaboratively with each other and with the staff that support them to develop sound, thoughtful and carefully considered options, strategies  and recommendations to be put before the Provincial Métis Council and the Métis Nation Legislative Assembly for deliberation, discussion, and decision.

We continue to build a strong, self-determining, accountable government for all Métis people in this province. This work must include addressing and ending systemic violence against Métis women, girls and LGBTQQIP2SAA persons. These mandate letters make it clear that Ministers must ensure policies and programs reflect the needs and aspirations of all Métis citizens.

The mandate letter of each Minister can be found at the following links:

Child & Family Services Ministry

Finance Ministry

Justice Ministry

Veterans Ministry

Economic Development & Tourism Ministry

Health Ministry

Women & Gender Equality Ministry

Education & Early Learning Ministry

Housing & Infrastructure Ministry

Language, Culture & Heritage Ministry

Youth Ministry

Environment Ministry

Inter-Nation Relations Ministry

Sports & Recreation Ministry

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