Métis Nation – Saskatchewan Emergency Repair Program

December 18, 2020 – Métis Nation – Saskatchewan’s (MN-S) Ministry of Housing is dedicated to the health and safety of Métis citizens by supporting a healthy and safe place to call home. In order to be responsive to our citizen’s needs, the MN–S has launched the MN–S emergency repair program (MN–S ERP).

Applications in process for the MN-S emergency home renovations and repair program (MN-S EHRRP) administered by the Provincial Métis Housing Corporation will be transferred to MN-S and reviewed under this new program, the MN–S emergency repair program (MN–S ERP).

The MN-S ERP is for low-income Métis citizens in Saskatchewan. It provides a one-time indirect grant to perform emergency repairs, improve health and safety, accessibility improvements and major capital replacement items for Métis homeowners. 

This program will have a streamlined application process so Métis citizens needing to address emergency repairs, improve health and safety concerns or to extend the lifecycle of their home can do so in a timely manner.  Applicants looking for cosmetic fixes to their homes will not be eligible.

The application process will also assist MN-S in continuing to evolve the Housing Strategy to address gaps identified in communities.

A full media release is here.

Guidelines are available here.

The ERP Application form is available here.  

For further information please email [email protected]

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