Child Care Subsidy Program Guidelines

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan Child Care Subsidy Program Guidelines August 2022 v1.1


Métis NationSaskatchewan invests in our citizens especially our children. For many families, child care costs impact opportunities. As we continue to build strong communities, strong families and even stronger children, Métis NationSaskatchewan knows assisting families with a Child Care Subsidy Program will make a positive difference.


The Métis NationSaskatchewan Child Care Subsidy Program helps Métis parents access highquality early learning environments and make financial decisions that will support their family. Métis families will apply biannually (twice a year) for the subsidy. Families will complete an online application and include a letter of confirmation from their child care provider. Providers do not have to be licensed.

Program Aim:

Qualifying Métis families will be reimbursed $300 monthly per child, to cover child care costs. Funds to be dispersed electronically monthly.

Program Objectives:

  • To assist Métis NationSaskatchewan families with child care financial support.
  • To assist Métis NationSaskatchewan families with opportunity to access highquality, early learning environments for their children ages birth to 12.

Eligibility Criteria:

Families currently registered through the Métis NationSaskatchewan Registry may qualify for the Child Care Subsidy Program if:

  • Parent is a registered Métis NationSaskatchewan citizen and resides in Saskatchewan or is in process of registering
  • Child(ren) 12 or under attends a child care setting or before and after school program
  • Family provides proof of enrollment in program i.e., letter from child care provider or early learning program
  • If child resides in dual homes, and both Métis parents apply, the subsidy will be divided equally
  • Parent must have access to a bank account and be able to accept electronic payment
  • MNS will issue an annual T4A form to include in income tax planning. Families will receive the total amount they have received from MNS for
    declaration on their income tax statements

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP):

  • The provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act are applicable to all information submitted through the application process and may be subject to an access request under the FOIP Act.
  • In the event of a request for access under FOIP, MNS will observe the provisions of that Act, including the requirement that prior to disclosure the third party will be provided with notice and an opportunity to object to disclosure of any confidential information.


  • All information and communications related to the Child Care Subsidy Program application package are confidential and shall be maintained in confidence and kept secure by MNS Department of ELCC.
  • General data but no personal information may be shared within departments of Métis NationSaskatchewan, and others supporting the program (e.g., third party consultants if involved in the evaluation process under confidentiality agreements).

Enquiries and Contact Details:

Applicants may contact the Early Learning and Child Care staff at [email protected] in relation to general questions, requests for clarification and request for further information.

Terms and Conditions:

Métis NationSaskatchewan can:

  • Consider or accept, or refuse to consider or accept, any application which is submitted other than in accordance with these guidelines or is lodged after the relevant date for lodgment, or which does not contain the information required by these guidelines or is otherwise nonconforming in any respect.
  • Review and conduct due diligence investigations in respect of any applicant and subject applications to due diligence, technical, financial, and economic.

Reporting Requirements:

I agree to report to the Métis NationSaskatchewan department of ELCC any changes in my circumstances, or the circumstances of my family members, that may affect my eligibility for benefits, or the eligibility of my family members. If I am in doubt as to whether any changes in circumstances will affect my eligibility, I agree to report this to the Métis NationSaskatchewan department of ELCC.

Client Consent:

I give my consent to the Métis NationSaskatchewan department of ELCC to obtain and verify information or documents required to confirm my eligibility, or the eligibility of my family members for benefits under the Child Care Subsidy program. I give consent to use my Social Insurance Number for myself for the purposes of administration of the Child Care Subsidy program.

I give consent to the Métis NationSaskatchewan department of ELCC to disclose my information to third parties where the information is necessary to verify and confirm my eligibility for benefits or to assist in providing additional benefits. I state that the information given in this Child Care Subsidy Application is true, correct, and complete and that I have not withheld any information which may have an effect on my benefits. I understand I may be liable to criminal prosecution for withholding information or providing false or misleading information.

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