NEWS RELEASE: Métis Nation – Saskatchewan urges provincial government to approve Northern Teacher Education Program (NORTEP) Council recommendation

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan urges provincial government to approve Northern Teacher Education Program (NORTEP) Council recommendation

SASKATOON, Feb. 15, 2017 /CNW/ – Métis Nation – Saskatchewan is urging the Saskatchewan Minister of Advanced Education and the Provincial Government to approve the recommendation from the Northern Teacher Education Program (NORTEP) Council on a post-secondary successor to assume responsibility for this teacher training program starting August 1, 2017.

A timely decision is required if a new delivery agent is to be in place August 1, 2017, as there’s much work to be done in advance. Some of the important tasks that lie ahead include staffing, recruitment, class scheduling and the transfer of assets to the new service provider.

Saskatchewan’s Minister of Advanced Education, Bronwyn Eyre, is on record indicating that she would respect the recommendation from the joint committee comprised of Ministry staff and representatives from NORTEP. This committee reviewed and evaluated proposals from six organizations. As a result, a successor was selected and a recommendation was provided to the Minister in mid-December 2016.

There were six agencies that provided written submissions and presentations to the joint committee. The agencies were: University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, Northlands College, First Nations University of Canada, Northern Lights School Division and the Gabriel Dumont Institute.

The joint committee unanimously chose the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) as the agency best-suited to ensure the continuation of Northern University training in La Ronge. Over its 36-year history, GDI has trained over 1,200 teachers and helped thousands of other graduates in basic education and skills training programming. The Institute has affiliation agreements with both provincial universities and has extensive experience offering programming to Northern communities.

The Métis Nation is extremely concerned that any further delays in making a decision may have a detrimental impact on Northern University programming and the success of Northern Métis students. We encourage the Minister to honour her commitments and confirm the recommendation of a new delivery agent based on the work of the joint committee and the agreed-upon process. The Métis Nation also urges the Minister to ensure that adequate resources are made available for the new delivery agent to fully meet the needs of Northern University students.

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