Important COVID-19 Information

Wiichihitooyaahk – Helping One Another


December 10, 2020 – To provide some immediate relief for Métis citizens experiencing distress due to COVID-19, the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) has new emergency supports available.

MN–S aims to assist people who are in urgent need of support such as individuals and families who have lost employment income and are not receiving government assistance.  This also includes Elders, senior citizens, post-secondary students, single parents, immunocompromised individuals and Métis citizens who are in mandatory self-isolation.

Supports for communities in COVID-19 lockdown are being administered through the regions. Food hampers are available to assist Métis families in distress due to lockdowns and self-isolation because of COVID-19 outbreaks in their communities. Personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies are available to those who have a positive COVID-19 member in their household, who are high risk (Elders, those with multiple health issues, care givers, and those with compromised immune systems) and frontline workers in CUMFI and MACSI. Regions will prioritize the delivery of PPE supplies and food hampers based on need.

What supports can citizens apply for?

Self-Isolation and Travel Assistance for Hospital Care

To help reduce the risks of spreading the disease to family members and alleviate some of the stress related to a positive test in the household, MN–S will provide accommodation to self-isolate for citizens on mandatory isolation who do not have available housing, or who are unable to self-isolate in their home. To receive this support, you must be under a mandatory self-isolation order and in need of a place to self-isolate. As well, reimbursement is available for citizens to travel to health centres for needed in-hospital care. If you require these supports, please email [email protected]

Support for Post-Secondary Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the lives of post-secondary students. As a result, most students are taking their classes online while managing family life. The pandemic has increased mental and financial stress.  MN–S is offering supports to Métis citizens who are post-secondary students during this challenging time, including rent, utility and technology supports. These supports are for MN–S citizens and those with citizenship applications in process.

Access the online Post-Secondary COVID Relief application

Housing Assistance and Self-Isolation Supports

MN–S recognizes that many people are stretched financially and emotionally by COVID-19. MN–S housing assistance may be available to those faced with rental, mortgage and/ or utilities arrears due to a decrease in household income.  Self-isolation assistance may also be available. This program is to help those struggling to make ends meet and funds are for those most in need. These supports are for MN–S citizens and those with citizenship applications in process.

Emergency Childcare Support

To alleviate the burden placed on parents and guardians, MN–S is issuing supports to families in need of essential childcare programs and services. Our commitment is to provide Métis children with care that is safe, regulated, and culturally distinct while lessening the economic hardship currently being experienced by so many families. Children must be 10 years old or younger. These supports are for MN–S citizens and those with citizenship applications in process.

Mental Wellness and Addictions Support

Culturally specific mental wellness and crisis supports are available for free to all MN–S citizens. Help is available for individuals or families and includes support related to crisis, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and anger; case assessments and coordination; gambling and digital dependency; and legal and financial counselling. Help is available in both English and French languages. Options include in-person support (where available), video conferencing, or telephone. MN–S is committed to making sure all citizens receive the supports they need in all areas of good mental wellness.

Mental wellness supports are available on these toll-free lines:

1-855-671-5638 (8 am to 4 pm central time Monday to Friday)

1-877-767-7572 (24 hr crisis line)

How to Apply?

Support for communities in COVID-19 lockdown is administered through the regions. For food hampers and personal protective equipment (PPE), please contact the regional offices. A list of contacts for regional offices is here.

For mental wellness and addictions support, please call 1-855-671-5638 or the 24 hr crisis line at 1-877-767-7572.

For mandatory self-isolation accommodation and assistance to travel to health centres for needed in-hospital care, please email [email protected]

For COVID-19 support for housing assistance and childcare supports the application form is available here:

Access the online COVID Relief Support Application

– or –

Download the COVID Relief Support Application

For more information or help to complete this application form, please call our toll-free number at 1-833-343-8285 or email [email protected]

For post-secondary student supports the application form is available here:

Access the online COVID Relief Post-Secondary Support Application

For more information or help to complete the post-secondary student supports application form, please call Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI) at 1-877-488-6888 (toll-free), 306-352-5620 (Regina), or email  [email protected]  


MN–S continues to work with the regions, governments and stakeholders to identify the most urgent needs of our citizens. We are exploring ways to provide future supports and vaccine distribution. We continue to offer virtual social programs for Métis children, youth, Elders and citizens to participate in during this stressful time.

Reducing the spread of the virus depends significantly on Métis citizens following the Public Health orders, including wearing a mask, physical distancing, proper hand hygiene, limited social contact and self-isolation when necessary.

For a media release on these supports go here.

For further Métis Nation–Saskatchewan information and updates on COVID-19 go here.

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