Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) responded to citizen concerns about the time and cost of obtaining health records for citizenship applications by partnering with EHealth Saskatchewan in 2020. As a result, and with your consent, when you apply for MN–S citizenship, our Registry staff can now access Saskatchewan birth and event records at no cost to you.

If you require a Saskatchewan Event Record to complete your citizenship application, please fill out the Vital Statistics authorization form and send it in to MN–S with proof of a valid photo identification. Processing times may vary depending on the number of requests received.

The Vital Statistics Authorization form is available here.

Please send completed forms and proof of valid photo ID (passport or driver’s licence):  

By Mail: 310 – 20th Street East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 0A7

Or Email: [email protected]

Registry staff are available to help guide you through the citizenship process. For any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1.833.343.8391.

Information on MN–S Citizenship and the Registry can be found here.

All MN–S Registry forms are available here.