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MN–S ELCC Backpack Program Applications open for Fall 2022

The Metis Nation-–Saskatchewan (MN-S) Early Learning and Child Care Backpack Program is back this fall. The Buffalo Learning program continues to support cultural pride for Métis children and families.

Aen paaktoon di bufloo lii zhenn chi kishkayhtahkik- the Buffalo Learning Program will provide children and families with cultural activity kits that include books, school supplies and a t-shirt in specially designed backpacks.

Eligible Métis citizens with children 13 and under are encouraged to apply.

The program is designed to support a lifelong love of Métis culture by bringing families together to learn and enhance early literacy with cultural resources.

The enrolment process is open now for all registered or in process of being registered Métis children. If you have previously applied for a backpack program, submit an application for the program.

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The Little Buffalo Reader Program

The Imagination Library is a literacy program for Métis children birth to 4 years. Registered Métis children receive free age-appropriate books each month until their 5th birthday.

Little Buffalo Application Form




Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC)
Community Enhancement Grant (CEG) Program

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) is pleased to announce the Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) Community Enhancement Grant (CEG) Program. The $3.5 million program is available to Métis Locals to enhance or develop programs focused on children up to 8 years old.

Eligible MN–S Locals could receive up to $50,000 for demonstrating a commitment to programming in one of these three areas: Métis Language Programs, Elder Programming, or Land-Based Learning. Read the Community Enhancement Grant guidelines here.

Community Enhancement Grant Application Form




MN–S Child Care Subsidy

Families are the backbone of our Saskatchewan Métis Nation. To assist with child care costs, MN-S invests $5.4 million in the Child Care Subsidy Program.
Qualified Métis families can access up to $300 monthly, per child 12. Parents must be registered Métis citizens to be eligible. For more information [email protected]. Child Care subsidy terms are here.
Child Care Subsidy Form



MN–S Early Years Accessibility Grant Program

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) is pleased to be able to offer financial support to eligible Métis families with children who have unique requirements and needs.

The MN–S Early Years Accessibility Grant Program is an annual income supplement to help with developmental support services, medical or nutritional needs, specialized clothing or therapies, or behavioural interventions.

Eligible Métis families can receive up to $5000 per child to the age of 8 to cover expenses. For more information, email [email protected] Early Years Accessibility Grant conditions are here.

Accessibility Grant Program



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