NEWS RELEASE: Fund reinstated for Métis Nation-Saskatchewan

Fund reinstated for Métis Nation-Saskatchewan

SASKATOON, June 5, 2017 /CNW/ – The president Mr. Glen McCallum states that the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN-S) has reached an agreement to reinstate federal funding. The agreement comes at a time of restored governance for MN-S.

Now that funding has been reinstated, MN-S is looking forward to getting back to business – building strong government-to-government relationships, and focusing on equitable, socio-economic development. The agreement shows a continued commitment from the federal government to work with the leadership of MN-S in reaffirming its role in representing the interests of the Métis people of Saskatchewan.

Funding was suspended by the federal government nearly three years ago for failure to comply with the Basic Organizational Capacity Agreement due to internal governance issues.

Since 2015 the Government of Canada has been working with MN-S leadership to support the organization towards resolving internal governance issues, including funding for governance activities with the support of an expert financial advisor.

The new agreement was reached after two positive Métis Nation Legislative Assemblies and a successful provincial election. The funding was reinstated three days after Glen McCallum and the new provincial Métis council were elected.

It states that MN-S will have access to up to $4.5 million per year over the next five years for governance and capacity. The funding is contingent on MN-S continuing to retain expert financial advisory services, ensuring the organization will have adequate financial administrative support as they return to fair, transparent and accountable governance.

Professional services firm EY has worked as an expert advisor assisting MN-S since February 2016, up to and including the election held on 27 May.

About The Métis Nation – Saskatchewan

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan represents Métis citizens living in Saskatchewan. As such, the MN-S strives for the political, legal and constitutional recognition and guarantee of the rights of its People, including the right to a land and resource base, self-government and self-government institutions.

The MN-S exists in part to represent and work for Métis people in their quest for equitable, socio-economic development within the province of Saskatchewan. The role of Métis citizens in governance is to establish, amend and enforce the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Constitution, to organize Métis citizens in their respective communities, and to participate in nation building in a good way.

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