A Message from Richard Quintal: Operating With Transparency, Honesty and Integrity

The leadership of MN-S has made a commitment to transparency, honesty and integrity. It is what our members expect and what we will deliver.

While we typically choose to focus on building our nation rather than addressing politically motivated gossip, we cannot stand by when non-political employees or contractors are being unfairly attacked. After thoughtful discussion among staff and elected members of the MN-S, we feel it important to address false and disturbing accusations around contract work related to our housing portfolio.

MN-S considered a number of potential candidates to develop an effective and strategic approach to advancing our housing file. After careful review by our executive and leadership, we tendered a six-month contract to a highly qualified individual with the experience to lead this project. Housing is a critical area for our people and the work being accomplished will address the long-term needs of our people.

Sadly, misinformation and personal attacks on social media are all too common in our community. It is truly a sad day when we, as Metis people, start to argue bloodlines and create division in our communities over people and their ethnicity.

Our history has been defined by racism and exclusion from many places in Canadian society. We believe that Indigenous people working together will help us create a better future.

Richard Quintal
Chief of Staff

Métis Nation-Saskatchewan
310 20th Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0A7