MN-S 2019 Fall Legislative Assembly


Sunday, November 24, 2019

SASKATOON, SK – The Métis Nation – Saskatchewan concluded a constructive meeting of the Métis Nation Legislative Assembly, which serves as the governing body of the Métis Nation government across the province. The assembly gathers together the democratically elected leaders of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan including over 100 local Presidents and the Provincial Métis Council to deliberate on legislation, motions and resolutions.

The assembly debated several important motions related primarily to matters of core governance and process. These included motions on roles and responsibilities of specific elected offices, the process to elect representatives for Métis women and youth, and requirements for citizenship prior to standing for election.

Several important motions were passed including:

  • Proof of Citizenship of Local Presidents – a person who wishes to be candidate for an elected office of a Local of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan must demonstrate that they are a registered citizen of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan and that they possess or are in the process of obtaining their Métis Nation – Saskatchewan citizenship within 60 days of the close of this sitting of the Métis Nation Legislative Assembly
  • Proof of Citizenship for Elected Officers – a person who wishes to be a candidate for an elected office of Métis Nation – Saskatchewan must demonstrate that they are a registered citizen of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan
  • Proof of Citizenship of Voters – a person who wishes to register to vote in all Métis Nation – Saskatchewan elections must provide documentation showing the voter’s proof of citizenship in the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan.

The Honorable Carolyn Bennett, Minster of Crown – Indigenous Relations attended the Legislative Assembly for the first time. The Minister conferred with delegates, addressed the assembly, and was gifted a handcrafted beaded shawl to thank her for her long-standing support of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan and Métis rights and self-determination.

The complete video from the MNLA, along with certified resolutions and other supporting documents, will be available at mé later this week.

“It was an honour to attend the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly.  It is so impressive to witness true democracy in action- the workshops, the open meetings, the focus on youth and the passion and commitment of President McCallum and all the leadership.
Today, we celebrated how far we have come together. The Métis Government Recognition and Self-Government agreement has set the stage to formally recognize the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan as an Indigenous government.
We continue to work hard together to undo the harms of the past. We look forward to working together to support the vision and priorities of Métis citizens.”
The Honorable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown – Indigenous Relations

“Every meeting of the Legislative Assembly marks an important day for the Métis of Saskatchewan. It serves as a reminder of the duties that come from self-government and living up to the dreams of our leader Louis Riel.  We will work to address the needs of Métis people across the province and support our dreams and ambitions.
This meeting of the assembly is another step in realizing the dreams of our people, our past leaders, and our ancestors who held fast to the vision that one day a Métis government would arise in Saskatchewan. It has taken time. It has sometimes been hard. But we are rising stronger with each day.
It was a pleasure to welcome the Honourable Minister Bennett and her continued support as we work toward reconciliation. I would like to thank our Speaker, our Executive, our Elected officials, our Staff, and our citizenry who attended in person and by the live feed for their efforts and participation. It has been very good to be here for the last three days to listen to our citizens.”
President Glen McCallum, Métis Nation – Saskatchewan

For further information, contact: Julia Burns,, 306-343-8285

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