MN-S welcomes new Area Director Brent Digness to ERII

September 2, 2020 – Métis Nation–Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that, effective today, Porcupine Plain Métis Nation Local President Brent Digness is the Interim Area Director for Métis Nation–Saskatchewan Eastern Region II.  

Digness is excited to accept this appointment from the ERII Regional Council. Digness’ experience with the Métis Nation started at 17 while working with Clarence Campeau in Enumeration. “Clarence Campeau was a mentor to me,” says Mr. Dingness. “That was when I realized the many needs of the people at the grassroots level.” His work as a high-pressure welder has taken him as far north as the North West Territories, into British Columbia and down south to North Carolina. “I’m extremely excited about the future of our province and the future of our next generation,” says Brent. “I have a great outlook for economic development and education. And ideas around healthcare in my region.” Digness is a lover of fishing, horses, and the natural healing that the outdoors provide.

Thank you to former Regional Director Sherry Soll, for your service to MN–S and MN–S ERII. All of the contacts for our Executive, Regional Directors and offices are here

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