‘Paykiiwikay’ Métis Culture Podcast

January 12, 2021: Métis Nation – Saskatchewan and its partner, Canadian Geographic, are pleased to announce a new podcast series, Paykiiwikay’, celebrating Métis culture and the Michif language.

Paykiiwikay, (Michif for ‘come and visit’) features host Leah Dorion, well-known Métis artist, author and mentor, sharing intimate interviews with some fascinating Saskatchewan Métis guests including Russell Fayant, Andrea Menard and Elder Norman Fleury and is available for streaming now. 

The topics to be covered over the ten-podcast series are as varied as the guests.  From an introduction to the history of the Michif language to Métis cooking to the influence of Michif on traditional Métis music and the preservation of the endangered language.  Get episode details as they become available here.

The podcast is available to stream on Apple, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify SoundCloud and at CanGeo’s website listed above. New episodes will be released every two weeks.  The series promises to be educational and entertaining for all ages.

An English version of the media release can be viewed here. A French version of the media release is here.

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