September 29, 2021 – In response to the news that the Manitoba Métis Federation (MNF) has withdrawn from the Métis National Council (MNC), the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) has issued the following statement:

The Métis Nation–Saskatchewan, as one of the Governing Members of the Métis National Council, recognizes the importance of speaking as a unified voice as the Métis Nation in advancing our collective goals of self-government and self-determination across the Homeland. The MMF’s decision to abandon the Métis National Council is ultimately to the detriment of Métis within the province of Manitoba who deserve representation at the national level.

After nearly two years of delay since an MNC election was constitutionally required, and on the eve of an MNC General Assembly that would usher in a new national president, the actions of the MMF has demonstrated they are uninterested in cooperation. Regardless, our Métis government in Saskatchewan is committed to overcoming our differences and advancing the priorities of our citizens through collaboration and good governance with our sister governments, the governing members of the MNC.  

When we stand together, we succeed in moving our Nation forward. If we look at 1869, 1885, and the Battle of Batoche, we would have been weaker if we had not stood together. Our government has spoken clearly on our commitments to democracy and accountability for the MNC, a continuation of the vision of Louis Riel and the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia. We will continue to stand together with goodwill for the entire Nation across the Homeland.

“The Métis Nation–Saskatchewan remains committed to protecting Métis rights and advancing self-determination for our citizens, government and the Métis Nation. Our governments will continue, as will the great work of good governance,” said President McCallum.

PDF version is here.

Métis Nation-Saskatchewan
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