Historic Land Transfer from Parks Canada to Métis Nation–Saskatchewan

July 22, 2022 – In a historic moment at Batoche today, the Government of Canada and Parks Canada have transferred a significant portion of the west land of Batoche to Métis Nation Saskatchewan (MN–S).

Batoche is one of the most significant cultural and spiritual places for all Métis people in Canada.

MN–S President Glen McCallum said, “We, as Métis people, will determine the best use of this land that will respect our ancestors’ ultimate sacrifice in how we will honour and uphold their vision. Our past leaders who dreamed of this day aren’t with us anymore but will always be remembered. We celebrate in their memory.”

After a special signing ceremony, 690 hectares of land on the west side of the river now belong to the Métis Nation.

This monumental event resulted from ongoing Batoche land co-management negotiations between MN–S and Parks Canada.

A media release is here.

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