Child Care Subsidy Program

Métis Nation-Saskatchewan continues to invests in our citizens – especially our children. For many families, child care costs impact opportunities. As we continue to build strong communities, strong families and even stronger children, Métis Nation-Saskatchewan knows helping families with a Child Care Subsidy Program will make a positive difference.

The MN-S Child Care Subsidy Program helps Métis parents access high-quality early learning environments and make financial decisions that will support their family.

Métis families will apply bi-annually (twice a year) for the subsidy.

Families currently registered through the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan Registry may qualify for childcare financial support if:

  • Parent is a registered Métis Nation-Saskatchewan citizen and resides in Saskatchewan or is in the process of registering
  • Child is registered or is in the process of being registered
  • Child(ren) 12 or under attends a child care setting or before and after school program
  • Family provides proof of enrollment in program i.e., letter from child care provider or early learning program
  • If child resides in dual homes, and both Métis parents apply, the subsidy will be equally divided
  • Parents must have access to a bank account and be able to accept electronic payment

*MN-S will issue an annual T4A form to include in income tax planning. Families will receive the total amount they have received from MN-S for declaration on their income tax statements.

Qualifying Métis families will be receiving $300 monthly, to cover child care costs.


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