MN-S Kaashkitamaashoohk (Graduation Sash) Program

Graduation is a pivotal time in any student’s life. The Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) Kaashkitamaashoohk (Graduation Sash) Program wants to celebrate academic success by gifting special, commemorative sashes to our citizens graduating in 2024. The goal of the program is to encourage youth to demonstrate their Métis pride by wearing the commemorative sash during 2024 graduation ceremonies.

Eligible Student Programs include:

  • High School
  • Trade School
  • University Bachelors
  • Masters
  • PhD
  • Diploma/Certificate

Graduating students will each receive a Métis sash package that includes:

  • Branded Sash
  • Pin
  • “How to Tie a Sash” Infographic
  • Personalized letters from the MN-S President and Regional Representative

To be eligible for the MN-S Kaashkitamaashoohk (Graduation Sash) Program students must be registered MN-S citizens or in the process of becoming registered citizens.

Contact for information about the registration process.


MN-S Post Secondary Kaashkitamaashoohk (Graduation Sash) Program Application


Property Address

Mailing Address (R.R #., Box #, Street Address, etc)

School Information

Declaration of Truth and Consent

  1. The applicant declares that all the information given are true and complete.
  2. The applicant must be an MN–S citizen or in the process of acquiring citizenship. Visit our website for citizenship information.
  3. The Métis citizen applicant(s) declares that they have not applied for First Nation status under Bill C31, Bill C-3 or Bill S-3 or any other government legislation. The MN-S Central Registry Office will periodically verify that grant recipients maintain MN-S Citizenship.
  4. The applicant gives consent to MN-S and its agents to investigate and disclose any of the facts given in this application form for internal purposes or to other agencies for any of these reasons.
    1. To confirm eligibility of the program
  5. The applicant acknowledges and agrees that the facts given in this application form will be kept and disposed of as required by The Archives and Public Records Management Act.
  6. The applicant agrees that MN-S may collect data for report and funding purposes.
  7. The applicant agrees that MN-S may be required to complete surveys at any given time.
  8. The applicant understands that this application does not obligate MN-S to approve funding.

"Applicant" refers to the Métis citizen who applies for the program.

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