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October 30, 2018

Joint Cabinet Summit Successful Step in Defending Métis Nation Future

Regina, SK – Duly elected cabinet members from the two Métis Nation Governments –
Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) and the Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN-S) – held a
Joint Cabinet Summit over two days in Regina October 27-28, 2018. The first time the
two cabinets met was in Cranberry Portage in 1978: this was the beginning of the
formation of the Métis National Council.

The recent Joint Cabinet Summit demonstrated the importance of our unity,
cooperation, and common cause for our governments and more importantly for our
constituents. To continue this relationship, MN-S President McCallum and MMF
President Chartrand signed the Regina Declaration in the city where our leader, Louis
Riel, was murdered.

The declaration is a commitment by both governments to continue working side by side
in promoting progress and prosperity for Métis Nation citizens, and seeking
opportunities for cooperative and productive initiatives between the MMF and MN-S,
and others.

“This meeting has been a long time in coming and its timing is perfect. We have
identified strategic areas of opportunity for our citizens and government that will have
benefits for generations to come,” President McCallum stated.

“We are more than just neighbours, we are a family,” explained President McCallum. “At
this weekend’s meeting, we showed we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder for our future
generations. We will work side-by-side with rolled-up sleeves and continue to
strengthen our Métis Citizens, our Métis Communities, and our Métis Nation. We are
proud to be Métis.”

At the very heart of the meeting was full recognition and respect for the Métis Nation, its
Homeland, and its Governments. To achieve this, a starting point was the unanimous
adoption of the Métis Nation Homeland map that defines the eastern boundary of the
Métis Nation. Those in eastern Canada can no longer pretend to be a part of our Nation.

“To ensure the future integrity of our Métis Nation Homeland, I will stand firm. The MMF
will defend our name, our flag, and our hard-won benefits,” said President Chartrand.
“The Métis Nation is an Indigenous People with our birthplace in western Canada. The
MMF will ensure our proud name, Métis Nation, and our Métis National flag are not used
by those trying to steal our identity for their own personal ends.”

“Stopping Métis identity theft is of extreme importance for both the Métis Nation and
Canada,” President Chartrand went on to explain. “The work we do today will promise
progress and prosperity for our Métis Nation Citizens, and indeed Canadians, for
generations to come.”

To this end, the two Métis governments also discussed housing, education, health, and
child welfare issues facing our people. The two governments also focused on economic
development opportunities for our Métis Nation.

“It’s been almost 133 years since our leader Louis Riel was wrongly put to death,”
President Chartrand added “and we continue on with his vision even in the face of
challenges from those who may be unsupportive and who still oppose our Section 35
Rights, despite our numerous court victories. We will continue to build relationships and
stand united to protect our Homeland territory, our Nation, and our Citizens.”

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