MN–S President Glen McCallum issues Mandate letters to MN–S Ministers

September 14, 2021 – President Glen McCallum has issued mandates to Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) Ministers to move the business of the Nation forward. President McCallum has made these letters public so all citizens can be informed of how their government is working for them.

Working together for all Métis citizens in the province, the MN–S Ministers will take direction for their respective portfolios from the Mandate letters. The mandate letters describe the progress made to date in each portfolio, the responsibilities and priorities moving forward, and how Ministers are expected to conduct themselves and work with other Ministers, members of the Provincial Métis Council (PMC) and fellow citizens. 

Mandate letters can be accessed below:

Child and Family Services – Kathie Pruden Nansel

Environment – Mervin “Tex” Bouvier

Justice – Vice-President Michelle LeClair

Economic Development – President Glen McCallum

Tourism – Brent W.J. Digness

Early Learning Child Care/Education – Tim J.W. Roussin

Post-Secondary Education/Skills Development – Leonard Montgrand

Finance – Marg Friesen

Inter-Nation Relations – Glen McCallum and Michelle LeClair

Housing and Infrastructure – Ryan Lee Carriere

Culture and Heritage – Sherry Ann McLennan

Language – Laura Burnouf

Health – Marg Friesen

Sports – Billy Kennedy

Veterans – Wendy Gervais

Youth – Jaycee Bell

Women and Gender Equality – Loretta King

Métis Nation-Saskatchewan
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