Métis Guardians Monitoring Network

Métis communities have always played a vital role in protecting our environment, and this is your opportunity to take stewardship of the land into your own hands. Through a Métis Guardians Monitoring Network, Métis people will take a more active and meaningful role in environmental monitoring across the province. The Métis Guardians Program is focused on four key areas: environmental monitoring, climate change, emergency response, and culture. We are looking for citizens across Saskatchewan to participate. The Guardians Monitoring Network will involve both western science and traditional knowledge to form a braided system of environmental protection.

Background Information:

The Métis Guardians Program is funded through Environment and Climate Change Canada. We are looking to develop a core group of people across the Saskatchewan Homeland to call upon when needed. We will be selecting individuals from the Northern, Central, and Southern geographic regions.


The expectation of a Guardians Monitor is to be a Métis steward of the land.
We expect that the selected people understand they are representing Métis Nation–Saskatchewan and are applying to be a participant in the Métis Guardians Monitoring Network. When completing any monitoring activities, the Guardians Monitor is expected to follow standard operating procedures, safety procedures, and complete any required training.

Time Commitment:

Time commitment can vary from activity to activity, but most activities will occur during the week, Monday to Friday. Approximately one to two days will be required a month. Time commitment will vary depending on your location and the available activities. There will be opportunities for Guardians Monitors to complete activities outside of their locations.


Benefits of being a Guardians Monitor include but are not limited to: access to training, travel compensation, honoraria, further career opportunities, and the chance to help protect the environment and our communities.

Application Form:


Métis Nation-Saskatchewan
310 20th Street East, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0A7